"What makes us special?" you might ask

Top Quality Websites and Web Programming

Phoenicorn Enterprises has a team of experts who have built top quality websites, web portals and website applications for satisfied clients spanning over 6 years. Our websites come easy to operate with proper documentation submitted when website development is complete.

Top Quality CCTV

Our solutions also cover the engineering aspects of Information and Communication Technology with provision of top quality Close Circuit Televisions for monitoring of home and office facilities, onshore and offshore rigs, religious centres, Banking halls, etcetera. Our solutions come with remote viewing so you can monitor your facility or home from anywhere in the world using just your smartphone.

Top Quality Wired, Wireless and Wi-Fi Computer Networks

Our excellent engineering also spans across building wired networks, radio communications across Corporate branches, and building Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks for homes and offices. These come with top quality world standard security reducing the need for extra maintenance manpoer.


Our team of programmers can build a top quality, yet affordable e-commerce website so you can start and manage your e-commerce dreams. Ranging from selling your products on your website to selling third party products on your website, we make it look so easy.

Excellent IT Office Management

Our team manages IT Services for clients ranging from Churches to large Oil Firms, taking away the hassles of server communication errors, problems with emails and hardware faults, electronic sign in, Microsoft licenses, etcetera. And we have been doing this for 4 years.

Top Quality Solar and Power Inverters

Phoenicorn Enterprises has all the expertise to supply, install and maintain Inverters of all kinds. Our work will give you 24/7 power supply at all times. You won’t even need the general power grid ever again. Get that power supply boost today.


Phoenicorn Enterprises covers it all
From single computers to computer networks to radio communications to object-oriented programming

Phoenicorn Enterprises has in it's portfolio the following projects:,,,,,,,,, Hospital Management Systems, Online Address Books, CCTV Installs, Inverter Installs, among many others. We believe in this great statement, "Give me 5 minutes to cut down a tree, and I will spend the first 3 sharpening my axe." That's what efficiency means to us. In professional environments, experience is key and rated better than what is on paper. Phoenicorn Enterprises has been providing top quality ICT Consultancy for 7 years (since 2010) and has fast gained recognition. This is why you can count on our excellence and top quality.

  • Website Programming, Development and Design

    We go down to the basic programming codes behind every website and give you that which you desire.

  • CCTV Installations and Remote Monitoring

    We install CCTVs, nanny cams, baby monitors, vehicle dashboard cameras for individuals and homes, offices, blast-proof CCTVs for rigs, and make sure you can monitor from anywhere using just your smartphone.

  • Office ICT Management

    We can be your dedicated or freelance Office ICT Department meeting your needs and ensuring you focus on your own real work.

  • Wired and Wireless Computer Networks

    From Mesh Office networking to Switches, Routers and Access Points to Microwave radios and Fibre, we install and manage it all. Get everyone Internet access at home or office using just one Internet connection

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